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Welcome to Alan Tonelson

I value and thank all of you who are following New Nationalism whether on this site, the New American Nationalism Facebook page or my Twitter account (see links below). Today, I want to highlight one new follower who brings significant expertise to our debate. Alan Tonelson worked with a number of think tanks over the last 30 years and is a former associate editor of Foreign Policy magazine. His particular expertise is in trade, manufacturing and economics. He is the author of “The Race to the Bottom”, a book chronicling the effects of the hollowing-out of our manufacturing capacity published back in 2002. Alan operates his own weblog called RealityChek at the link below. I expect to rely on his past and future work on the effect of offshoring and unfair trade agreements on American national security, jobs and the economy.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from all of you during the course of this important discussion!