Mission Statement

America faces unique and dangerous challenges in today’s increasingly nationalist world.  Globalization has failed to render the nation-state obsolete, an always naive goal in a still anarchic world.  Instead, nations like China, the developing world and even Europe are defining themselves in terms of their respective histories and heritages, usually ethnic in origin. Managing the resulting tensions will require a realistic and restrained strategy built on America’s own social, economic and military strength. 

This strength ultimately springs from the unified commitment of the American people to the values of liberty, democracy, equal opportunity and the American Dream.  America is exceptional because it was based on these values, not mere ethnicity or a common history   However, the internal threats of identity politics and unbridled market power are weakening the community spirit on which our strength is based.  Our ability to remain a inspirational world power now hangs on whether we can overcome those forces and renew our shared commitment to our fellow American citizens. 

This site seeks to create a new political movement dedicated to preserving American sovereignty and values and the American Dream for all citizens while respecting the sovereignty and goals of other nations.   We believe the life and philosophy of former President Theodore Roosevelt offers a way to achieve this goal.  He confronted very similar problems during his time and led the nation on the path toward solutions.   Not all of his solutions will fit our times and we will not hesitate to highlight disagreements with his likely approach.   However, his dedication to both a strong America and a “square deal” for the average American still resonates a century later and can be the unifying political ideology we so desperately need.  We invite you to participate in this movement with your comments to this discussion and advocacy of these ideas in your own community. 

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Bob this is incredible! Who knew? I didn’t
    Very nice job!
    Glad to know someone else out there, “beating the drum” and trying to get Americans off their ‘backsides’, to Wake Up as to what is happening with our country!

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