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Welcome to New Nationalism!

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Welcome to New Nationalism, a forum designed to develop a positive American nationalist vision inspired by the career and philosophy of Theodore Roosevelt. It will include not only commentary on domestic issues, but also highlight the rise of nationalism elsewhere in the world and how a realist foreign policy would address those challenges. This will inevitably lead back to a consideration of the domestic policy changes that will be necessary to meet those challenges.

Since this is intended to be a positive discussion, it is appropriate to begin by posting this article from the Politico website that says that Americans are not as divided as we may think. Politico is a well-known liberal globalist e-zine, but Stern is a Republican and a former National Review writer. The joinder of these two different backgrounds around a call to unity is in the best tradition of American politics and would certainly draw the praise of TR himself. 

I look forward to seeing all of your comments. In addition, you may submit articles for publication on the site by sending them to “”. You can also receive notice of any new posts by liking my Facebook page at “”. If you tweet, please subscribe to my Twitter feed at “@nationalismnew”. Please feel free to invite others to subscribe as well. Posts on the website will be in included on the Facebook page and the Twitter feed.

Finally, it is unfortunate, but a hazard of operating a site like this, that I must advise that any flaming, spam or use or promotion of hate speech will result in an immediate ban from the site. The purpose is to achieve unity, not a divisive screaming match. Enough said.

Thanks to all and God bless America!

From Politico: Americans aren’t as divided as you think

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